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- เกณฑ์ตัดสินผ่านการทดสอบอยู่ที่ร้อยละ 80 หรือ 8 ข้อขึ้นไป
ส่วนนี้จะไม่มีการบันทึกผลสอบ และแสดงเฉลยแบบทดสอบ หากต้องการบันทึก และรายงานการทำแบบทดสอบ โปรดสมัครสมาชิก 
1. 8.39 An ASTM 59C [ASTM 59F-80] liquid-in-glass thermometer has a scale range of -18°C to 82°C [0°F-180°F]. What should the graduations on this thermometer be?
    a. 0.1°C [0.2°F]
    b. 0.25°C [0.5°F]
    c. 1.0°C [2.0°F]
    d. 0.5°C [1.0°F]
2. 8.18 If only one temperature is required where should this temperature be taken from?
    a. The middle of the upper third
    b. The middle of the liquid level
    c. The middle of the lower third.
    d. Use a side readout thermometer
3. 8.11 Which standards address the earthing (grounding) of portable electronic thermometers?
    a. API MPMS Chapter 7/ISO 4268
    b. API MPMS Chapter 3/EI HM4
    c. API MPMS Chapter 8.1/ISO 3170
    d. API MPMS Chapter 17.9/EI HM49
4. 8.44 When using a liquid-in-glass thermometer in a cup-case assembly to measure a product with density of 904 kg/m3 [API gravity 24.9] what is the minimum length of time the thermometer should be immersed in the liquid when the assembly is in motion during the measurement process?
    a. 5 minutes
    b. 10 minutes
    c. 20 minutes
    d. Until the readout doesn t vary by more than 0.2 °C for 30 seconds
5. 8.29 What is the minimum number of temperatures to be taken on a marine vessel with tanks containing less than 3m [10 feet] of product?
    a. One per tank
    b. Three per tank
    c. Weighted average per tank
    d. Answers a., b. and c. are all wrong
6. 8.12 If a portable electronic thermometer has a range of 0 - 95 °C [32-200°F], what is the required resolution?
    a. ± 1°C [ 2°F]
    b. ± 0.2°C [ 0.4°F]
    c. ± 0.1°C [ 0.2°F]
    d. Answers a., b. and c. are all wrong
7. 8.16 What must be done immediately before taking temperatures using a portable electronic thermometer?
    a. Set the temperature range selector.
    b. Earth (ground) the unit, after opening the gauge hatch or vapour control valve
    c. Check the battery for low voltage
    d. Earth (ground) the unit, before opening the gauge hatch or vapour control valve
8. 8.09 What is the minimum acceptable accuracy for a portable electronic thermometer when it is indicating a temperature reading of 101 °C [215°F]?
    a. ± 1.0 °C [2.0°F]
    b. ± 0.5 °C [1.0°F]
    c. ± 0.3 °C [0.5°F]
    d. ± 0.75 °C [1.5°F]
9. 8.17 If a tank has more than 4.5 m [15 feet] of liquid, what is the minimum number of temperature readings that must be taken?
    a. 3
    b. 5
    c. 1
    d. one every 1 m [3 feet]
10. 8.42 In motion is defined as continuously raising and lowering the probe above and below the desired temperature measurement depth, by approximately how much?
    a. 15cm [6 inches]
    b. 1metre [40 inches]
    c. 30cm [12 inches]
    d. 50cm [20 inches]
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