,Petroleum คำชี้แจง
- ถ้าไม่กรอกทั้งชื่อ และนามสกุลของผู้ทำข้อสอบ ระบบจะไม่ตรวจข้อสอบให้
- ส่วนนี้จะไม่มีการบันทึกผลสอบ หากต้องการบันทึกโปรดสมัครสมาชิก
- ถ้าทำข้อสอบไม่ครบ ระบบจะไม่ตรวจข้อสอบให้
- ผู้ทำข้อสอบจะมีเวลาในการทำข้อสอบเพียง 30 นาที หากเกินเวลา ระบบจะไม่ตรวจข้อสอบให้
- เกณฑ์ตัดสินผ่านการทดสอบอยู่ที่ร้อยละ 90 หรือ 9 ข้อขึ้นไป
ส่วนนี้จะไม่มีการบันทึกผลสอบ และแสดงเฉลยแบบทดสอบ หากต้องการบันทึก และรายงานการทำแบบทดสอบ โปรดสมัครสมาชิก 
1. 4.43 What is meant by the term trimmed by the stern?
    a. The aft draft reading is greater that the forward draft reading
    b. The forward draft reading is greater than the aft draft reading.
    c. The ship has water in the aft peak tank.
    d. Trim corrections will always be subtracted from the measured gauge
2. 4.01 If the vessel incurs an in transit loss of product and an in transit gain in water, what action should be taken?
    a. Obtain samples of the free water
    b. Check the vessel s bunkers and bunker consumption during the voyage
    c. Verify the condition of seals on the sea suction and overboard discharge valves
    d. Answers a., b. and c. are all correct
3. 4.63 What is a wall wash test?
    a. A procedure involving high pressure automated washing of the walls of a tank to remove any cargo residue
    b. The activity of rinsing the wall of a tank with a solvent and obtaining a sample of the previous product(s) to determine compatibility with the product to be loaded
    c. A procedure in which a tank is washed with caustic solution to remove surface build-up
    d. Answers a., b. and c. are all wrong
4. 4.53 When should a wedge formula calculation be used on a vessel trimmed by the stern?
    a. When liquid material does not contact the forward bulkhead
    b. When solid material is gauged at a single gauge point
    c. When free water completely covers the tank bottom
    d. Answers a., b. and c. are all correct
5. 4.44 What is the main reason for taking draft readings on fully-loaded vessels at the loading port?
    a. To be used at the discharge port in case of a cargo variance
    b. To enable calculation of trim or list corrections if needed
    c. To compare with draft readings at the discharge port
    d. To ensure adequate cargo drainage
6. 4.70 A deck level inspection is the most effective form of tank inspection.
    a. True
    b. False

7. 4.85 The best way to prove the liquid/non liquid nature of ROB/OBQ is to have a sample
    a. True
    b. False

8. 4.37 What is a Charter Party?
    a. A traditional event hosted by the owner of a vessel celebrating the vessel being hired
    b. A document specifying the dimensions of a vessel so it can get into the docks to load and unload its cargo
    c. A document outlining the terms and conditions that will apply to the owner and the charterer while a vessel is on hire
    d. A statement of the demurrage to be charged to the charterer
9. 4.68 Should a wall wash be performed on a wet tank surface?
    a. Yes
    b. No

10. 4.69 What must be determined at a pre-loading tank inspection key meeting between vessel s personnel, shore personnel and inspection personnel?
    a. Tank number, tank capacity, intended cargo volume
    b. The last three cargoes and method of tank cleaning
    c. The contents of adjacent tanks
    d. Information a., b. and c. must all be determined
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