- ข้อสอบนี้มี 20 ข้อ
- ถ้าไม่กรอกทั้งชื่อ และนามสกุลของผู้ทำข้อสอบ ระบบจะไม่ตรวจข้อสอบให้
- ส่วนนี้จะมีการบันทึกผลสอบ ในระบบสมาชิก
- ถ้าทำข้อสอบไม่ครบ ระบบจะไม่ตรวจข้อสอบให้
- ผู้ทำข้อสอบจะมีเวลาในการทำข้อสอบเพียง 30 นาที หากเกินเวลา ระบบจะไม่ตรวจข้อสอบให้
- เกณฑ์ตัดสินผ่านการทดสอบอยู่ที่ร้อยละ 80 หรือ 16 ข้อขึ้นไป
หากต้องการพิมพ์ใบรับรองผลคะแนน โปรดใช้เครื่อง Computer ในการทดสอบและมีจำนวนข้อที่ใช้สอบจำนวน 20 ข้อขึ้นไป และจะแสดงผลสำหรับผู้ที่ผ่านเกณฑ์การสอบเท่านั้น โดยเกณฑ์การสอบอยู่ที่ร้อยละ 80 หรือ 16 ข้อขึ้นไป คลิกที่นี่เพื่อเพิ่มจำนวนข้อทดสอบ
1. 8.46 When taking the temperature of a product in a tank and there is more than 1°C [2 °F] difference between upper, middle and lower temperatures, what steps should be taken?
    a. Retake the temperatures since there must be an error
    b. Use the middle temperature only for the entire tank contents
    c. Average the upper, middle and lower temperatures
    d. Take temperatures at more frequent, equally-spaced vertical increments
2. 8.33 When using a portable electronic thermometer, what is the minimum amount of time the probe must stay in a middle distillate of density 821.7 kg/m3 [API gravity 40.7] , if the probe is moving?
    a. 30 seconds
    b. 1 minute
    c. 2 minutes
    d. 5 minutes
3. 8.49 What temperature is to be used during an ROB survey if there is only 5 cm [2 inches] of liquid in the bottom of the tank?
    a. The measured temperature at the middle of the liquid
    b. Standard Temperature
    c. The average temperature of the product in the tank before it was discharged
    d. The temperature stated by the vessel s representative
4. 8.41 A liquid-in-glass thermometer must be verified against a thermometer traceable to a national standard when new and then at maximum intervals of?
    a. 3 months
    b. 6 months
    c. 1 year
    d. 5 years
5. 8.36 A liquid-in-glass thermometer with a range between 60°F and 180°F and must be accurate to within?
    a. ± 1.0 °F
    b. ± 0.5 °F
    c. ± 0.1 °F
    d. ± 0.25 °F
6. 8.31 What is the maximum amount by which the reading on a portable electronic thermometer can vary when it may be considered to have stabilized?
    a. 0.3 °C [0.5°F]
    b. 1 °C [2.0°F]
    c. No variation is permitted
    d. 0.1 °C [0.2°F]
7. 8.36 A liquid-in-glass thermometer with a range between 60°F and 180°F and must be accurate to within?
    a. ± 1.0 °F
    b. ± 0.5 °F
    c. ± 0.1 °F
    d. ± 0.25 °F
8. 8.52 What procedure is used to field check a liquid-inglass thermometer in a cupcase assembly?
    a. It is checked against a portable electronic thermometer
    b. It is checked it against the ship’s thermometer
    c. it is checked for cracks, cleanliness and a readable scale and the liquid column is checked as unbroken
    d. It is placed in a 100°F water bath with a certified thermometer for 45 minutes and compare the readings. They must be within 0.2°C [0.1°F]
9. 8.40 When first received from the manufacturer or equipment supplier, what should happen to a new liquid-in-glass tank thermometer?
    a. It can be used immediately because the manufacturer calibrates the thermometer before it is shipped
    b. It must be checked to see that the liquid column is intact, then it may be used since the manufacturer will have calibrated the thermometer.
    c. It must be checked to see that the glass stem is not cracked or broken, then it may be used since the manufacturer will have calibrated the thermometer
    d. It must be compared against a thermometer certified by a National Standard body or an equivalent thermometer of traceable accuracy.
10. 8.50 A 4 000m3 [25 000bbl ] capacity storage tank has a depth of product of 4.70 m [15 feet] in the tank. What is the minimum number of temperature measurements that should be obtained on this tank.
    a. One
    b. Two
    c. Three
    d. Five
11. 8.53 What is the purpose of keeping the probe of a portable electronic thermometer (PET) in motion?
    a. To ensure the unit is calibrated
    b. To stir the product
    c. To minimize temperature stabilization time
    d. To prevent the probe becoming caught up in the tank ladder
12. 8.29 What is the minimum number of temperatures to be taken on a marine vessel with tanks containing less than 3m [10 feet] of product?
    a. One per tank
    b. Three per tank
    c. Weighted average per tank
    d. Answers a., b. and c. are all wrong
13. 8.05 How does calibration of a portable electronic thermometer differ from a field check?
    a. It is done by the responsible manager
    b. It is performed by a certified third party auditor
    c. It is verified in controlled conditions against a standard thermometer traceable to national standards
    d. There is no difference between the two
14. 8.51 The immersion time for a cup-case assembly is minimized by continually raising and lowering the assembly 0.3m [1 foot] above and below the desired temperature measurement point.
    a. True
    b. False
15. 8.35 Which ISO standard covers temperature determination?
    a. ISO 3171
    b. ISO 4268
    c. ISO 4512
    d. ISO 4266
16. 8.26 If a tank has an innage of 2,8m [9 11 ] what is the minimum number of temperatures which should be taken?
    a. One
    b. Two
    c. Three
    d. None
17. 8.15 What information must be recorded when taking a temperature of a cargo using an in-line probe ?
    a. The last calibration date
    b. The serial number of the unit being used
    c. The last two times the probe was checked for accuracy
    d. Answers a., b. and c. are all wrong
18. 8.44 When using a liquid-in-glass thermometer in a cup-case assembly to measure a product with density of 904 kg/m3 [API gravity 24.9] what is the minimum length of time the thermometer should be immersed in the liquid when the assembly is in motion during the measurement process?
    a. 5 minutes
    b. 10 minutes
    c. 20 minutes
    d. Until the readout doesn t vary by more than 0.2 °C for 30 seconds
19. 8.07 When verifying a portable electronic thermometer with a range of 0 to 95 °C [32 to 200°F] , what is the maximum permissible error before it should be recalibrated?
    a. ± 0.3 °C [0.2°F]
    b. ± 0.05 °C [0.1°F]
    c. ± 1.0 °C [2.0°F]
    d. Answers a., b. and c. are all wrong - it must be exact
20. 8.27 On a portable electronic thermometer, at what temperature should the field check be performed ?
    a. 0°C [32°F]
    b. 100°C [212°F]
    c. Ambient temperature
    d. Expected cargo temperature
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